Lebanon On Verge Of Security Breakdown

  • Middle East Newsline
  • May 08, 2008
NICOSIA [MENL] -- After more than a year of tension, security in Lebanon
appears on the verge of a breakdown.
Lebanese security forces have begun battling anti-government forces,
including members of the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah in Beirut. At the same
time, pro-Syrian forces have been engaged in gun battles with forces loyal
to Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora amid a general strike organized by
"The situation is extremely tense and a crisis appears imminent," an
official said.
On Wednesday, clashes between pro- and anti-government forces erupted
throughout Beirut. Officials said members of Hizbullah and pro-Syrian forces
employed rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns in attacks in several
districts of the capital. At least 10 people, including two soldiers, were
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