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Israel Army Acquires Tactical C2

  • Middle East Newsline
  • October 13, 2009
TEL AVIV [MENL] -- The Israel Defense Forces has been operating a digital
tactical warfare system for special forces.
    The military has introduced Ness Control, developed by Israel's Ness
Technologies, for all special forces. The system was designed to determine
the most efficient routes to a ground target, provide digital mapping tools
for joint forces and distribute field data to commanders.
    "All the special forces in the military use Ness Control," Ness vice
president Shay Zingher said.
    Executives said Ness Control has also been sold to unidentified
clients in South America and Asia. They said India has expressed interest in
the system.
    Ness Control, with debriefing capabilities, was also designed for
navigation and orientation. The system, which could operate through laptop
computers, was said to provide real-time location of blue and red forces as
well as support a range of data and voice modes.
    "With this information, commanders can quickly create action plans and
make better, more informed decisions," Ness Control said. "Plans also can be
customized on the fly, adapting to the current situation."
    The company, which has been briefing prospective clients at the Israel
Defense Exhibition, or ISDEF-2009, in Tel Aviv, has also sold a command and
control system for military headquarters. The Integrated Command and Control
System was delivered to the Israel Army's C4I Directorate and meant to
provide an integrated picture of the battlefield for all services.
    Executives said regional military commands provide ICCS with battlefield
updates in a process meant to support rapid decision-making by senior
commanders. They said the system was also sold to an unidentified Central
Asian state,
    "We used the lessons from the Second Lebanon War [against Hizbullah in
2006] to improve the system," Zingher said.

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